Ioannis Xifaras

Secretary General of Transport, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

Ioannis Xifaras is the Secretary General of Transport at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport since March 2021. Responsible for the transport sector, he oversees and coordinates a number of projects related with aviation, railway, urban transportation, digital transformation, legislation, e-mobility, road safety, etc. His main goal is to ensure the improvement & modernization of transport in Greece while adding value to the society, the economy and the environment. 

He has extensive professional experience managing projects in the fields of Infrastructure and Transport, Energy and Specialized Electromechanical Systems as well as in Infrastructure of Smart Applications, in the public and the private sector. 

He is a licensed engineer, a graduate of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School of the Democritus University of Thrace, holder of MBA-international from Athens University of Economics & Business and MS in Computer, Telecommunications and Networks from the University of Thessaly.

He is getting elected at the National Committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece, since 2016.